Monday, March 2, 2009

Survival Series by Grade 7.1

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In partners, one student will create the scene and give one survival strategy. The other partner will leave a comment on the voki offering another strategy in the same setting. Click on the comment balloon to hear the second person's strategy.

The topic of survival was chosen because we are reading Julie of the Wolves which is about a thirteen year old Inuit girl who has to depend on her willpower, a pack of wolves, and her good decisions in order to survive out on the tundra in the Fall and Winter. By discussing other methods of survival in other settings, we are extending our learning.

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  1. Hi Kyler,
    What kind of shelter would you make?
    Should a person already have a plan for what type of shelter they would make even before they leave the town for the woods? Good work on your survival tip of making a fire and a shelter. Kyrie

    In the city , who would ask help from?
    What if you in a big arena with tons of people around. How would you know who to ask? Cheryl.

    I would ask someone who works in the canteen to call the security guard or call my mom or I might text her if I had a cell phone. Jess M.

    Mr. Wolf,
    If you had to share your food with a human, would you?
    If you are not a wolf would you share your food with a human or would you want the human to give you food? By David

    In the woods, any animal has to be awake to hear the sounds and smell the smells. Do they really sleep? By Destiny

    Keagan, when you boat on a new lake or old lake, you have to always take a friend. Never go alone. If you have to make it to shore,gather lots of wood to keep the fire going all night long. Find any kind of stick that you could use as a weapon but the fire is also a weapon, so I guess you would be alright as long as it did not rain. Monte B.