Wednesday, February 11, 2009

7.1 Learning Experiences Thus Far

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Students in both schools have limited access to computers and websites, nor does every student have a computer at home to use. Conversing about the idea of a blog has motivated the Gr. 7.1's to want to talk with the Gr. 6's. The idea of Epals (electronic pen pals) has surfaced.
We are still waiting for one class to have permission to use the blog as part of their activities for Reading Around the Planet and E.L.A assignments. Our class has a lab with very slow Internet connection and has experienced frustration at not being able to log on as a group. We do not have the necessary hardware like headsets or speakers which adds to the irritation of not being able to completely use some tools effectively.
Access to the various tools may also be a problem however students will try tools that their school allows but they might not be able to share their creations on this blog.
As I am learning how to blog, I discover new possibilities and hurdles at the same time. My class has done alot of thinking, trying/problem-solving, asking questions of others , and experimenting to try to arrive at solutions to our blogging dilemmas.

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