Monday, February 9, 2009

Modern Day Needs for Arctic Survival

I hope you don't mind the music...if not, ;O)
Do you remember what Miyax had in her survival pack? I believe it was alot lighter than this tourist's pack!

Try to find clothing and supplies that a true Inuk ( singular- 1 person) would wear and use. Perhaps even make your own travel brochure or video...


  1. Jess C. and Jess M. said they saw a movie with an Inuk mother wearing a parka with a big hood that was large enough for the baby she carried on her back to be covered. Our teacher said she saw a lady in the mall in Winnipeg with her baby wrapped in a sling in front of her body. She was wearing the same style of parka but it looked like it was more for spring than winter.
    By Jess and Jess.

  2. My grandma said we use moosehide to make moccasins and mukluks because the moose is the animal that we have in our area. The Inuit have no moose. The Inuit have seals, walruses, polar bears and grizzly bears. Since seals have water proof skin the Inuit make their boots out of sealskin. By Colby and Jeremiah

  3. In the novel, Miyax is able to light a fire using a piece of rock. This is called a flint.
    By Keagan