Friday, February 20, 2009

Virtual Field Trip of Pelican Narrows by 7.1


  1. How did you make these videos? It looks like a blogger gadget was used. Good job.

  2. Thanks.
    My students took the pictures with a digital camera.
    We used movie maker on Windows vista. It's like creating a powerpoint as you click and drag your photos that you upload to a story board. You can add music although I only knew how to upload the music already on my computer. It didn't seem to work from a cd and I didn't have alot of time to figure it out.And you can add audio and text.THen I published it on my laptop although I could have burned it on a cd and downloaded it to the blog.
    It took us about a month to work on it as we made lots of small decisions about what message we wanted to sent to our project buddies in Michigan and what timeline we wanted to use etc. It was a great process and the students enjoyed it . Now each is trying to do their own movie, although not as long as our 10 min. movie.