Monday, February 9, 2009

Google Map Locating the Key Players in Reading Around the Planet for Feb. 26, 2009

This URL will allow us to add new points on the map if we wish.

Highlight web address and click, you will go to Google Maps, click on Creating Connections and voila, you will see our locations.

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Learning Challenge

If your parents have given you permission to have an email address
try to make your own Google Map showing points on the map where your family (immediate and extended) lives in the world or where you have travelled. Create your own map using your own ideas.

Key in Google Maps in the Google search engine. Once linked, click on Create map.
Invite your parents to help you locate all of the places your family is connected to.
Share your maps with your classmates. Perhaps ask who has relatives across the many oceans or if anyone has visited Asia. Just know that the possiblities are endless. There is no limit to the things that you can do with Google Maps or learn from any Internet- Web 2.0 tool.

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