Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Kylie`s Bio

Well I'm Kylie and I like nature and hunting for moose and duck meat.I like to eat fish. And what else? I guess I like to go boat riding and catch fish like walleye. And I like hanging around with my friends as in Hommie's... Lol. We like laughing and walking around Pelican. My birthday is on September 6. I Have 2 wonderful parents and I Have 2 beautiful sisters and I have 2 Handsome Brothers Hahaha. Pelican Narrows is a country town. You can do alot of cool stuff here.

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  1. Thank-you Kylie for your post. Your choice of food that you like to eat is very healthy-lean, no preservatives, no salt or sugar added. Did you know that scientists say that eating fish is very good for the brain. Smart people eat fish!:)