Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Create Your Own New Virtual Photo Stand In


My instructor for my Master's class suggested we try this free program to replicate our students identity for safety purposes. It's fun and easy.

Create image, save onto documents. In a new post, click on the little picture above the box in "Posting- Create", click on the document, paste and here we are. Then publish after a short bio is created: Ex. Likes, Dislikes,Interesting Facts about the students just using the first name.


  1. It is fun.
    It does take time for the students to make choices about what details to add. I enjoyed listening to the students talk amongst themselves about the reasons they were chosing certain details over another. It was frustrating for some to have to wait for the loading, the computers usually are slower in the afternoon , right when we have our computer time (1x per week if we are lucky!)