Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Austin's Bio

Hi! My name is Austin and I like to play hockey and I have a hockey team. My hockey
team is called the Pelican Blazers and I have six goals in total. The hockey
coach told me to go score those goals I just went to go score those six goals and I
made my coach suprised when I scored those six goals. I made my parents suprised when I told them I scored those six goals and I even made my self suprised. Okay I am going to say something about my self again okay.

Pelican narrows school is kind of big and I am in grade seven point one. My teacher's name is Cheryl and she is a good teacher. That is my teacher okay.

I was born in Flin flon, Manatoba and I am tewelve years old. I like driving my five fifty ski-doo because its fun driving around Pelican Narrows, Saskatchewan but kids here are having alot of fun playing games in Pelican Narrows, Saskatchwan and we have a arena here in pelican narrows saskatchwan alot of kids go skating. After school sometimes I only go skating. When I fall down it hurts but its sill fun skating at the arena. My best hockey players are Ales Hemskyand, Sheldon Souray and my best goletender is Dawayne Roloson. THose hockey players I named and the goaltender I named are from a National Hockey League and thier hockey team is the Edmonton Oilers and Edmonton Oilers are my best team. Okay, I'm done about my self. By Austin.

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