Saturday, February 21, 2009

Cree Lesson #2 Vocabulary from Julie and the Wolves

Get a Voki now!

1. iskwisis- girl
2. mahihkan- wolf
3. kona- snow
4. keewatin- north

The URL below is a wonderful site to access for other lessons in the Woodland Cree dialect as well as other Cree dialects.

When on the site, click on either 'Audible Resources' on the left side for other examples of the Woodland Cree language. Happy Browsing.

Learning Challenge:

Find other key words in the site posted that relate to our novel.

Example: Caribou

- How do you spell the Woodland Cree word that means caribou?
- How do you say 'caribou' in the Woodland Cree language?

Ask your family (parents, uncles , aunties, grandparents) some traditional Woodland Cree words and we'll test other students to see who can guess the meaning.

Create a Cree speaking voki which uses interrogative sentences(ask questions) and declarative sentences. (answers in a statement)

Ex. Where are you going? What is your name? Do you want a drink of water?
I am going home. My name is Rose. No thank-you.


  1. Hey Cheryl! What is a Voki? It looks really neat. How does it work? What a great way to use technology and language studies. I will have to show my Cree teacher too.

  2. Hi Jim,
    A voki is an cartoon character with audio imput from the user. It is so easy and fun to use.
    You create the character selecting from various options: hairstyle, color, even lip color etc to the background. Then record what it is you want to say by clicking on the record button. I have a built in mic but if you don't a head set would be fine. THen publish on a blog or email to a friend etc. I saw this on the blogs we had to read for Block 6.