Saturday, February 21, 2009

Questions About an Ungulate

What is an ungulate?

What type of ungulate is featured here?

Where might you find this particular ungulate?

How does this type of foot help this ungulate in his environment?

How do you think I was able to obtain these pictures?

What do you think is the story behind this ungulate

Grade 7.1 Responses to our Teacher's Unusual Pictures and Questions

THe discussions took place in the classroom in a very round about way. It was like a game of 20 questions and Clue together! The answers have been typed here by the teacher.

1. An ungulate is an...

animal, a big animal like a moose or an elk. by Austin

animal you could eat. By Monte

animal that lives in the North. By Mathew

animal who can run fast because his feet can dig into the groud to get a good grip. By Jeremiah

animal that has a hard foot. By Jess M.

animal that has a hoof but it could also be a cow from a farm. By Summer

animal that could live in the North and the South. By Cesley

Deductions led to the answer that an ungulate is a caribou or any animal with a hoof.

2. The ungulate in the picture is a...

moose. (Guesses by Austin, Monte, Tamika, Carissa, Darcy, Kerry)

elk. (Mathew, Brandy, Cesley, Summer, Jess C. , Jess M.)

horse. ( Destiny, Ginelle, Colby)

caribou. ( Jeremiah, School Elder Gilbert Linklater, Custodian David Custer)-Right Answer

3. Where might you find this particular ungulate?

*Answers were written on the board by teams.
* This type of ungulate could be found in...

Saskatchewan. Right Answer
Manitoba " "
Arctic " "
N.W.T. " "
Y.T. " "
Nunavut " "
North Pole

4. How does this type of foot help this ungulate in his environment?

*THis type of foot is able to...

kick their enemies so they can protect themselves.
dig for food.
run on rocks without getting hurt.

All of these good ideas above are correct.

5.How did our teacher get these pictures?

*These pictures were ...

taken in Brochet, Manitoba because she went there.
borrowed from someone in Pelican Narrows who killed this caribou.
from clip art.
found in a magazine.
taken by our teacher. Right Answer

6. What is this ungulate's story?

*This ungulate was...

someone's dinner.
a hunter's catch.
in the wrong place at the wrong time.
given as gift from one friend to another.

All of the above.

A hunter from Wollaston Lake area in northern Saskatchewan shared a hind quarter of this caribou with the teacher's dad and family. When the teacher's dad asked her what was new in her life during a phonecall she told her dad about the blog, the novel study with the students from Roseville, MI., he told her he could save the caribou hoof so everyone could see what it looked like up a virtual way!


  1. Neat! Where did you get the leg? Are your students using this blog to answer these questions?

  2. Thought I wrote a comment but it isn't there. Anyway your blog is pretty cool. I like the pictures of the ungulate. Is it an elk?

  3. Hey,
    My dad got a caribou hindquarter from a friend in Wollaston Lake. I begged him to save the hoof and its now in my freezer. It was perfect timing for our novel as caribou is a staple of the wolves' diet.
    My school doesn't have regular access to school computers to add to our blog. And the ROseville students didn't get permisstion to access our blog from school so the students email the answers or assign, to each teacher and we load it from our laptops( when we have time!!)