Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Believe It or Not!!

Yesterday, as we were walking to our arena, we came across this canine. We thought Nanook looked like a huge wolf. He is a giant compared to the other dogs around our town. He is as friendly as a baby but alot of people think he might be part wolf.

What do you think? Describe 4 ways that regular tame dogs and wild wolves are the same? Name 5 ways that they are different.


  1. Do you normally have loose dogs in your area?
    Do many people have dogs as pets? If we saw a dog out and about, people here would be concerned where it came from!! :) Most students in my class, including myself, have dogs and other animals as pets.

  2. There are loose dogs that roam but our Health Center and Village Office hire people to remove them if no one owns them.
    Every house just about has a guard dog/pet.