Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Colby's Bio

Hi My Name Is Colby. I Was Born In Prince Albert S,K. And Prince Albert Is A Great City From I'm From Pelican Narrows Which I Been Living In Pelican For Seven Years But We Might Move Out So I Only Have A Little Bit Of Friends But I'll Still Miss Them If I Move Out. My Parents Names Are Brennan & Karen And I Only Have One Sister Her Name Is Nicole She's Older Then Me But I'm Taller But Everyone Thinks That I'm Older But My Sister Is. And Hobbies For Hobbies I Usually Go On The Computer But Some Times I Play Games I Love To Travel To Edmonton, Saskatoon, Prince Albert, Calgary, Jasper, And Some Other Place That I Don't Know. And Mostly When Were Traveling I Listen To Music Like Miley Cyrus, Simple Plan, Metro Station, Faber Drive, Lady GaGa, Taylor Swift, Lil Wayne, And Some Others Singers I Like Lots. I Have Two Best Friends They Names Are Jeremiah & Kyrie And I Think That's All.

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  1. Thanks for the bio Colby. You did a fantastic job telling so many interesting details about the things you enjoy participating in and listening to .