Sunday, February 15, 2009

Lessons in Values from "Julie and the Wolves"

Values are guidelines that we use to live our lives in a good manner. We learn values through lessons that our parents/family teaches use. Honesty is a value . We will tell the truth if we value honesty. We will be able to wait for something if we have been taught how to be patient.

In the novel, "Julie of the Wolves", Julie/Miyax is afraid on many occasions but remembers her father telling her, "When you are fearful of something , change one thing that you're doing and your fear will be decreased." Readers see her as being brave or courageous.Miyax is also resourceful and thankful in many instances throughout Part 1:

Ex. Since there are no trees on the tundra, she uses caribou scat to start her fire in order to stay warm and cook her food.Ex. Miyax prays and makes up little songs to show her thankfulness for the food, friendship ,and protection she receives from the wolf pack.

Describe 2-3 values that are important to you or your family? As you read through the novel, add to the list of values that we learn from Miyax and the other characters- wolves included.
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Personal/Family Values:

I am kind when I share my time or snacks with others without expecting anything back.
I am polite when I say "please", "thank-you" , and "excuse me."
It is important for my family to take care of the land. When we go camping or travelling we put the trash in the proper place. We like to walk to save the air from further pollution. By Cheryl

Values in the Novel:

Amaroq is a fierce protective leader but is also very gentle when playing with the wolf cubs.(Cheryl)

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