Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Local Wolf Tracks

I used a quarter and my foot to compare the size of the wolf prints. I now wish I just would have used my hand...but it was such a cold day. I was out with my dad and my nephew to walk around the forest and sandy hills. We soon changed our minds and built a huge fire to warm up and I believe to keep the wolves away. We heard two howling and I will never forget that sound. It wasn't scary but it was long and loud and it seemed very close. Perhaps they were saying, "What are you doing in our territory? My dad thinks they were out hunting for moose. We left them some food- chicken and baked potatoes!


  1. Those look like some big paws!

  2. Really big then teacher Cheryl
    I didt believe those were wolves
    tracks befroe LOL chicken and baked potatoes
    YUUUMMMMMMM!!!! :)