Monday, February 9, 2009

Skill and Speed

This video is intended to show the hunting skills that are required to feed a wolf and/or the pack. In nature, animals are predator and/or prey. To feel sorry for one or the other is a human quality, but in the animal world the wolf needs food to survive.

Learning Challenge

In Science you may have learned about the food chain. Find out where the wolf is on the food chain and what animals share his food chain and are above and below it.

What other food chains do you know about. Diagram one using MacPaint if you have Microsoft tools.

Identify the food you have eaten in one day. See if you can determine where the food original source might be.

ex. A hamburger- ground beef is from a cow or maybe the ground meat is from the moose, the bun is from flour which came from grain perhaps from Canada's bread basket provinces (Manitoba, Saskatchewan or Alberta) or from the bread basket states. How many states in the U.S.A. grow grain?

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