Monday, February 9, 2009

Canis Lupus Arctos Communicating and Connecting

Sound is only one to connect and communicate with others.

Learning Challenge

Look around your yard at home or parks and watch the behaviour and body language (actions) of animals and birds. What do you think they are saying? What do the actions mean. Ex. If you have a pet dog, does he wag his tail when he sees you?
If you have a cellphone with a camera/video tape capabilities, record some samples of animal communication and share it with someone in class.

If you have permission, go online to learn about other ways that animals communicate verbally and non verbally with each other and toward people.

How do students communicate messages non verbally (without using words)?
Ex. Thumbs up or thumbs down What does this mean to you?

Share your ideas in your journal, on this blog, or with your classmates.

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