Thursday, February 5, 2009

Introducing Our Participants


My name is Cheryl Morin. I have been teaching for sixteen years in Pelican Narrows, Saskatchewan. I moved here from Winnipeg, Manitoba so I could learn how to speak Woodland Cree, which is a language in the Athapaskan Language group. One class that my students have is Cree Culture. In this picture, I am learning how to set a rabbit snare. I didnot snare any rabbits in this outing.

During the winter, I enjoy participating in outdoor sports like snowshoeing and alpine skiing, and in the summer I love to travel, camp in a tent, and go on canoe trips in the wilderness.

I really really love to read books and watch documentary dramas when I have some time for myself.

I am excited to be partnering with the Grade 6 class from Roseville, Michigan and look forward to learning alot from them and my students during our project.

Participant Learning Goals:

1. Have fun learning from your own discoveries and create a connection with your
classmates and partners to find out what their discoveries are.

2. Take the time to explore (read, comment, post) this blog once a week from
home or at school.

3. Experiment with the tools that are introduced and even seek out new tools to
introduce to us.

4. Ask lots of questions and share what you know to help others answer their

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