Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Roseville Student Bios

Hi my name is Katie. I’m 12 years old. I am in karate, and cheerleading. I love to read. My favorite books are the Twilight saga. I read all of them. My favorite movie is Twilight. I also like Juno. That movie is really funny. I am overly obsessed with ferrets and vampires. Ferrets are adorable. And vampires are awesome. My favorite color is black. I like to paint my nails black, and I have a black room. With Twilight posters everywhere. I love Edward Cullen. ( Robert Pattinson.) and if you don’t know who that is, it’s the lead vampire in the Twilight movie. This is Edward Cullen.


Hi my name is Austin. I am 11 and I have a dog named jack .I also have a little brother . He’s 4 and is a real pain. I like rock music (metal, alternative, and punk). I have a lot of friends and I am a prank master. I love cars, I know everything about cars. Talk to you later.

☺ Hey my name is Brittany. I love gymnastics and dance.
I have 2 brothers, and a cat named Chloe. I love going on the computer and having fun! I like to play to play games, like Scrabble. I also like to do puzzles. My favorite color is purple and light blue. When I am bored I like to listen to music. My favorite singer is Rhianna. I am overly crazy about monkeys. I just love them. I really want a monkey room. Right now I have 16 monkey stuffed animals.☺

Hi my name is Daniel j.I like Slipknot they are a metal band.They have numbers my favorite one is #3 Chris Fhen.I also like army .My favorite tank is the tiger 1 .I like wrestling I like Jeff Hardy.

Hi! I am Emily! I am going to be 12 in a few weeks!!! I can’t wait! I love animals sooooo much! They are my life! I have 4 pets: a German Sheppard mixed dog named Moe, an English parakeet named Buddy, an Under Water Clawed Frog named Speedy, and a shorthaired guinea pig named Charlotte. I have 2 brothers, a sister in-law, a mom and a dad.
I don’t play any after school sports… I just walk and run around outside. My hobbies are: volunteering at animal rescues, sewing, crocheting, writing and I collect webkinz. Do you collect webkinz? I have 42, and I’ve been collecting for 1 ¾ years. Bye!!!!!!!

Hi my name is Jenna • I’m in the sixth grade • I’m twelve and my birthday is in December • I have two siblings • I’m the middle child • I love penguins, they’re just so cute ♥ I play softball in the summer • I have played softball for six years • Well… That’s me, bye☺

My name is Krista I was born on August 5, 1996 . I also have a brother and a sister . I have two dogs named Zoey and baby . my favorite color is blue and pink . my favorite animal is a duck. So see you later.

Hi my name is Raziya. My favorite things to do are, hang out with my friends and watch television. I love watching reality shows. I have a cat his name is, Felix he gets very hyper at times but he’s still cute .I have a lot of things to tell u, I have a big sister who is 15 years old and I’m turning 12 this year.I’m very DRAMATIC. This summer I’m signing up for modeling and I’m really excited. I love music. I love Beyonce so you might have ever heard of her but if you did that’s cool. Got to go bye!

Hello. My name is Samantha L. I’m 12. I’m turning 13 in December. My favorite colors are red and black. I live in Michigan. I love to listen to music. My favorite singers are Avril Lavigne, Metro Station, My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy, Jonas Brothers, 30H!3,ect. If you haven’t heard of any of them, then you should listen to some of them because they’re good bands. The kind of music I like to listen to is like alternative, rock, emo, punk, dance, and that kind of stuff. I love to skateboard. I love to go to the movies. My favorite movies are The Nightmare before Christmas, The Corpse Bride, and Twilight. I have a girl cat named Billy, a black lab mixed with a German short haired pointer named Roxy (dog), a girl long haired chuwawa named Paris (dog), and a fox terrier mixed with a Pomeranian terrier named Gottie (dog). The instruments I like to play are the Trumpet and the Guitar. I like to act but I’ve only been in one play, Annie. I also like to write stories and books and stuff. I also like to read. My friends tell me that I’m really weird and funny. I like to watch Fred on YouTube, too. Well that’s all I can say! Bye!

Hey my name is Autumn. I’m 11 years old. I don’t really like any books. My birthday is august 27 my favorite sport is volleyball. After school I like to hangout with my friends. But I mostly hangout with my best friend Paige. I have 1 sister and she is 1 and a half years old. I hangout with her sometimes when I get really bored. When I am I alone I like to listen to music.

Hi my name is Collen. I have two sisters one brother I also have two cats and three cats. My sisters are 18, 13 and my brother is 17. I like alot of music and TV.

Hi, my name is Jesse. I have one brother and one sister. My favorite band is Metallica. I have one dog. My favorite hobbies are playing video games and wrestling. I am 11 years old. I am turning 12 on June 11.

Hi my name is Robert I am 12 years old my b-day is Jun,22, 1996 I have 3 brothers and 1 sister. I have 2 dogs named Seaser and Shadow tell me about your self.I like to box people for a sport.

Hi, my name is Tessa. I am 11 yrs. Old. The kinds of music I like are Pop, Power pop, some times a little bit of rap, and some country. My favorite bands are 3oh!3 pronounced 3 oh 3, fall out boy , Avril Lavigne, boys like girls, my chemical romance, weird al,and Taylor swift .I have 3 pets 1 cat and 2 goldfish if you want to call that a pet. I also have 3 sisters and no brothers. The oldest ones live in Florida, and one sister lives in Texas because she’s in the army. That’s about all the info. I can think of.

Hello. My name is Jarred. My favorite kinds of music are anything that falls in the rock group. My favorite band is Disturbed. I am currently reading a book called Halo: The Cole Protocol. My favorite animal is the king cobra. They can grow up to 13 ft (3.96m) long! My favorite movie is Home Alone.

Hiiiii. My name is Paige. E. I live in Roseville, MI. I have 3 brothers, a step-sister, and a step-brother. My favorite colors are Baby Blue and Pink. =]]!!!I love to hang out with my friends, and I like to spend time with my family (, but sometimes they can get annoying.)I love to go to the mall, go to the movies. My favorite sport is volleyball. My parents are divorced, but I still live with both of them. My favorite music is Hip-Hop, R&B and Rap. My favorite animal is a kitty. The things I can`t live without are my phone, music, my friends and my boyfriend. My best friend’s name is Autumn but we call her Autii. I have a very big family I even have family members that live in Canada. I don`t see them a lot, I haven`t seen them since my grandma passed away and that was awhile ago. One of my best friends passed away in 2007 her name was Alison. I miss her a lot. Well that’s all about me.

Hello, my name is Ryan. I am 11 years old and soon to be 12in September. I like playing my playstation2 and playing basketball. My favorite types of music are rock and heavy metal. I have 2 cats named Troop and Faith and I have a fish named Chomper.

Hi my name is Travis. I live in Warren, Michigan. I only have one sister. I have two dogs, and five cats. I like country music. I like the movie Memphis Belle, about a famous Boeing B 17 Flying Fortress. I like the USAAF Handbook. I like airplanes like the Fokker Dr.1. Two of my heroes are Erwin Rommel, and Manfred Von Rictofen. I’ve been to Canada one time. I like this show called Monster Quest. I’ve seen six Undentified Flying Objects. I like the US Marines. My favorite Helicopter is the UH 60 Blackhawk. My favorite ship is U 47. My favorite cars are the Ford F 150, and the Ford Mustang. My hobby is Basketball. My most recent game I won 41 to 13.

Hello, my name is Benjamin . I have 1 brother and sister. I have 1 dog and her name is Ashley. I like to collect star war figures . My favorite book is Diary of a Wimpy Kid. I like to listen to country music. I have 2 bikes and they are the same style. I like to watch Fox 2 News.


  1. Hi Everyone,

    What a fascinating group with such diverse interests! My students were happy to learn that many of you share the same taste in music from Avril to Rhianna to country to Slipknot and movies like "Twilight".
    Pets seem to be another common feature as well.
    As you know my students are of Woodland Cree heritage which is an Indigenous group in Northern Canada. They were wondering what nationalities you are from and what other languages beside English that you all speak?

  2. We all speak only English, however, a growing population in our area is Mexican. Michigan has lots of farms, so many Mexicans (that speak Spanish) migrate here for the summers or even decide to move here permanently. Most of my students are caucasian, but a few are African American. In my own children's schools, they teach Spanish from 1st grade on up because of the growing Spanish-speaking population.